Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Decorating for the holidays does not have to be hard. And it doesn't have to be traditional either.

I love, love, love all the different shades of blue and ethnic type prints. Indigo and the ocean lights me up!

so, I incorporated blue in my Thanksgiving table scape. In this centerpiece I kept everything natural except the pumpkins.

use real pumpkins paint them white and decoupage. I used tissue paper and fabric.


Paint pumpkins white first so the orange doesn't show through.

I added real foliage and starfish in a wood bowl to finish the center piece off.

I added real foliage and starfish in a wood bowl to finish the center piece off.


This West Coast Woman was Home Again

Home Again

Home Again

Nancy Myers did it again!! Known for her iconic movie sets like Somethings Gotta Give, It's Complicated and Father of the Bride. Nancy did not disappoint with her new release Home Again. Reese Witherspoon stepped into her role as an Interior Designer seamlessly. It was like a mirror image of my brand. California Casual Bohemian Style. This is exactly what you hear me preaching about when it comes to decorating your home. I love the scene when the guys get to stay in the guest house and they can't get over the sheets.

this image is courtesy of the trailer for Home Again

this image is courtesy of the trailer for Home Again

The sheets are a combination of Linen and Cotton perfect for those lazy Sundays when you just don't want to get out of bed. Nancy's sets make you want to entertain and have guest stay awhile. So inviting, nothing feels uncomfortable and stuffy. Down to the jute stripe rug.

I can watch her movies over and over again, just so I can take a long look at the home that is featured in her films.

And lets not forget about the lifestyle. You have heard me say that your home should give back to you. It should feed your soul and bring joy to your spirit. I mean after all it is your Soul Space.

Why not have the girls over for a yoga class. And lets not forget a guest house with three good looking guys! All kidding aside, I strongly believe that a home is the place where you build memories. It has away of lifting your energy and making you feel safe once you enter through the front door.

What does this space say to you? Livable, cozy, and eclectic. It has a Bohemian feel of travel and hints of nature with rattan and seagrass baskets. What about this room?

Slipcovered pieces, layered rugs and farmhouse wood tables. Add some geometric pillows and a one-of-a-kind piece like the wicker daybed and you have a room the feels like it has evolved over time and yet still feels fresh and current. So, If you're looking for something to do this weekend. I recommend going to see this light hearted movie. It was a welcomed retreat after dealing with hurricane Irma. and it was nice to sit in air-conditioning since I lost power.

Top 5 Must Have Crystals for your Home

Crystals are so much more then a pretty rock or gem, they really have the power to change the ENERGY in your space! For example Rose quartz brings love into your HOME and improves relationships. And Moonstone creates a HAPPY home so place them liberally around your spaces :)

 Crystals work whenever you are around them there is no special TRICK to them! Just simply display them in your home wherever they can be seen ( I'll be making continued Blog posts of creative FUN & Beautiful ways to add crystals to your space.) to enhance your life and sense of well-being.  

Did you know crystals not only have healing benefits for YOU but also for your PETS and houseplants. The crystal Sphene gets your plants growing indoor and outdoors and promotes healthy development. A really good crystal for your pet would be Quartz or Amethyst for protection, physical, mental, and emotional balance. No wonder they are my top 2 crystals for your home.

So let me break down my top 5 Must Have crystals and let you know just how SPECIAL these crystals are and WHY you need them for your Home!

1. AMETHYST is definitely one of my favorite crystals for any room in your home to BALANCE the atmosphere. This calming stone helps everyone feel more relaxed and at home. Perfect to have in your Living room or any communal area.  Also enhances meditation by calming and cooling excessive emotions and helping clear the unnecessary mind clutter making it a perfect crystal for your sacred space. Amethyst also magnifies the energy of other crystals and is a PROTECTION stone.  And I know we all are trying to keep are spaces clean of negative energy, Amethyst does just this and works to purify any space of NEGATIVE VIBRATIONS.  

2. QUARTZ crystal is another healing crystal and is the most abundant mineral on the Earth's surface. It will channel any type of energy and will help with all healing. The use of quartz is recorded in many ancient manuscripts. It heals sickness and wounds, re-energizes you in all situations, makes you feel HAPPIER, relieves negative energy, focuses the mind, helps with weight loss, and aids in meditation.  Cultures past and present have attributed crystals with an ability to channel light, and that light is literally the fabric of our existence- we are "beings of the light". 

3. CITRINE is the MONEY stone that brings abundance and wealth.  Good for decision making, learning, creativity, studying, writing, problem solving, and new beginnings. Also helps attract a buyer if your home is having trouble selling.  Display a large citrine cluster or geode in your hallway or living room and place a small citrine crystal in each room of your home.  What happens is interest in your property, viewings, and offers suddenly increase. 

4. OPAL is ideal for your work space in your home, it helps to create a better working environment. Keep this crystal on your desk or near you while you work or study. Good for creativity, inspiration, imagination, and memory. 

5. ROSE QUARTZ is a calming stone that promotes LOVE like a bubble bath for your emotions.  Its a good crystal for forgiveness, love, romance, and relationships. Helps BALANCE sex drive and helps sexual frustration. It also magnifies creativity and ones imagination. Great crystal to keep in the bedroom for added romance or put in a bath for a youthful complexion. 

These are just a few of my MUST HAVE favorite crystals for your home that I know you would love these BEAUTIES and the ENERGY they bring into your space just as much as I DO! I constantly LOVE learning new information about crystals and their healing abilities! A big part of crystal therapy is letting yourself be drawn to a certain crystal.  So next time you are in a shop with crystals take a deep breath and center yourself then ask your higher self to guide you to the right crystal for you.  You will be drawn to a certain color or texture I promise you! Just let your intuition guide you;)  The cool part of this is when you go home and look up the meaning it always seems to relate to you and the time in your life.  Its like the Crystal chooses YOU! 

So much MORE then a pretty rock in your space indeed. Change the ENERGY and raise the VIBRATION in your HOME with these beautiful and magical crystals today! 


#Single Moms Lives Matter

Mother's Day will be here before your know it. And I have a very important passion project I have been working on. It's called #singles moms lives matter. This passion project holds a very special place in my heart.

My mother was a single mom and worked very hard to provide for me and my siblings. I to was also a single mother to my first born and can truly relate to the struggles. The worry you're faced with on a daily bases is real. Rent, food, medical, childcare and having time with your kids. I know these are worries for all parents, but it is even harder for single moms.

When I left for work there was always that terrible guilt in the pit of my stomach, because I was leaving my daughter with a babysitter.

I hated always being in a state of lack feeling like there was never enough. But I worked hard because my daughter was always first.

As moms we always tend to put our children first. And I know it is with good intentions, but over the years I have learned if we don't take care of ourselves first we are no good to our family.

As a single mom sometimes you don't have that luxury.

Moms are the caregivers. they nurture and shape our future generations.

Moms are love.

And because of this I have decided to make it my mission to nominate a deserving single mom for a relaxing Master Suite once a month. It is so important to have a calming space to rejuvenate her soul, so she can accomplish all of her goals and take on her duties as a sole parent. Why is this so important to me? Because I have been married for 21 years and I know how much easier it is with two parents. But I will never forget all the sacrifices I made as a single mom. And I will always recognize the single moms that are trying the best they can everyday.

I can't do this by myself, so I am asking for your help to make this dream happen.

How can you help?

1. Spread the word.

2. Make a small donation.

3. Purchase an item I have on the Design board, by going to my website and clicking on passion project.

4. I will be opening a private FB group named #singlemomslivesmatter. In this group we will work on making this passion project happen. 

If this is an important cause to you and you're interested in making a single moms life a little more pleasing, Please reach out.

Together we can make a difference in one singe moms life. one master suite at a time.






# Girl Boss

Hey! So I know you've been working hard and you're killin it like a girl boss in your business. But as a female entrepreneur, I know there are days when brain fog sets in and you can't get excited about anything!

I wanted to share with you how important your surrounding plays a big part in this. Did you know if you have clutter around and have to search through piles of crap your energy is zapped and inspiration goes out the window?

I know you have that beach house on your vision board and can't wait to start living your dream. Why wait, start now! If your workspace reflects your dream you can manifest it a lot quicker.

Imagine that ocean view, the sound of waves and all that sunlight pouring in. Are you feeling inspired?

Now decorate your office to reflect that vision. By doing this you are welcoming in abundance. The clarity and confidence you will experience, will catapult you to the next level. I've designed a Visual Concept Board with items I love that feel like you're right by the water and living your dream.

Let There Be Light

I wipe my white cabinets down, but why do they still look yellow? If that sound like you, it could be as simple as changing a light bulb to have them appear whiter. Who knew there are so many options to choose from. And now to make things more complicated, along came the LED bulbs with different wattage and light options! Going to the light bulb aisle at your local hardware store feels like standing in the supplement aisle trying to find a cure! Well, I am here to help demystify the confusing options. "Let there be Light".

Let's start with the incandescent bulb: An incandescent light is the closest to getting to natural sunlight. It also gives off heat like the sun. And is not very energy efficient. But if you're hanging a chandelier that gives off a pattern when lit, for example; this fixture from Arteriors Home, then you would use an incandescent bulb to see the pattern when turned on. I prefer not to see the pattern so I would use a white bulb not clear.

Now let's discuss LED bulbs: Led bulbs are energy efficient and do not give off heat. But sometimes give off a light like fluorescent bulbs. The difference between Daylight and Soft light is Daylight is a cleaner light and soft light has more yellow. So, if you're wanting your surrounding to show true to color go with Daylight. And if you want a warmer color light choose soft light. I happen to like GE Reveal it has a true light that makes things appear brighter and whiter.  




Arteriors Home

Arteriors Home

California Casual

Time for the West Coast to meet the East coast.

I came from the era of Vans, Dittos and OP, it was easy and casual living at it's best. California West Coast style is just that, no fuss just a lot of style. I create spaces that have that Cali vibe, which is interesting, casual and a hot spot for entertaining. Picture having the girls over in this space after a day at the beach. Sipping on Sangria and eating fish tacos. Or just kick your feet up and spend a lazy Sunday reading a good book. 

Florida's  East Coast style is missing that West Coast feeling and I am on a mission to bring it to Jupiter.

Let's start with you!

The holidays are quickly approaching and we have just finished the election. My guess is overwhelm is at it's peak, along with some strong mixed emotions.

So, lets's just start with you! How do you want to feel this holiday season? Are you looking for joy and connection? You have the power to create whatever it is that will spark joy.

How do I know this? Because it's our thoughts that limit us from creating what we want.

I have taken a 28 day challenge of gratitude to push me forward and change my thoughts.

It's a simple, but a miraculous way of attracting abundance in your life. 

Lack attracts lack. Be grateful for what you have now and God, the Universe, will give you more.

If you're wishing for your dream home and neglect the home you have now, you are putting it out in the Universe that you can't handle the home of your dreams. 

My gift for you today is, to follow these simple steps and see the change start to happen.

Here's to miracles happening now!

Here's to miracles happening now!

She Shed Soulspace

All I want for Christmas is a She Shed Soulspace!

If your husband is running out of ideas on want to give you for Christmas, your own soulspace is what you need. The trend of creating your very own She Shed is growing. If you're a busy woman who is in a dire need of her own space, I've got you covered. Imagine being able to escape right outside your backdoor. You can create it to reflect your personality and needs. But most important you can use it to give back to yourself. So dream big and make it what you want!