Renewal of the Soul

Every morning the Universe (GOD) blesses us with a new day. We wake up from a restful night of sleep ready to do it all again. The truth is most people are restless and have trouble sleeping. Too many thoughts in our head and a feeling of overwhelm. After a long day of giving it all you got, you deserve a space that replenishes you. In my years of designing I have noticed that the master bedroom seems to be the last room on the list. If you think about it, it is the most important and should be the first room. 

The master bedroom nurtures us, it is the one room that has the power to renew our soul. And yet, because it sits behind closed doors we think it doesn't matter as much.

The master bedroom should feel calm and relaxing, all of our senses should be awakened.

The touch of soft cool sheets and bedding that calls to us to rest our head.

The sight of a warm glow that brings us to a restful state.

The scent of lavender to quiet our thoughts.

A sip of warm chamomile to help us whine down.

And a sound from nature that filters out the noise around us.

Are you ready to fall asleep?

This beautiful room is by Universal Furniture.

This beautiful room is by Universal Furniture.