# Girl Boss

Hey! So I know you've been working hard and you're killin it like a girl boss in your business. But as a female entrepreneur, I know there are days when brain fog sets in and you can't get excited about anything!

I wanted to share with you how important your surrounding plays a big part in this. Did you know if you have clutter around and have to search through piles of crap your energy is zapped and inspiration goes out the window?

I know you have that beach house on your vision board and can't wait to start living your dream. Why wait, start now! If your workspace reflects your dream you can manifest it a lot quicker.

Imagine that ocean view, the sound of waves and all that sunlight pouring in. Are you feeling inspired?

Now decorate your office to reflect that vision. By doing this you are welcoming in abundance. The clarity and confidence you will experience, will catapult you to the next level. I've designed a Visual Concept Board with items I love that feel like you're right by the water and living your dream.